Decorative Statues, Figurines for Home or Office

Decorative Statues,  Figurines for Home or Office

Decorative Art Glass
Bronze Atlas Holding Crystal Globe
Bronze Hand Holding Crystal Globe
Bronze Thinking Man Sculpture
The Justice Scale  Bronzed Brass
Bluebirds of Happiness Sculpture
Sale price: $1,760.00
The Bull Bronze Sculpture on Wood Base
Charging Bull and Bear Bronzed Metal Sculpure on Burlwood Base
Bronzed Bullhead Sculpture on Marble Base
Ocean Explorers  Mermaid and Turtles Brass Sculpture  FREE SHIPPIING
Sale price: $1,089.00
Marlin and Sailfish Sculpture on Marble Base  FREE SHIPPING
Sale price: $418.00
Shallow Water Fighter Redfish Brass and Marble Sculpture  FREE  SHIPPING
Shark with Prey Sculpture    FREE SHIPPING
Brass Jellyfish Pair on  Marble Base  FREE SHIPPING
Sale price: $319.00
Largemouth Bass on Marble Base  FREE SHIPPING
Brass Tang Horse on Wooden  Base
Patriotic Eagle with Flags Statue
Soaring Eagle Statue  FREE SHIPPING
Sleek White Ceramic Elephant
Lucky Elephant Figurine (Small)
Textured White  Elephant Figurine
Brass Elephant Sculpture on Wood Base
Deep-Sea Delight Octopus Brass Sculpture   FREE SHIPPING
Yoga Figurine  Meditative Prayer  Sandstone 8.7"h
Yoga Figurine Full Lotus  Sandstone 8.7"h
Yoga Goddess in Seated Pose  Resin Figurine  Small  8"
Yoga Statue Full Lotus  Resin  Large  12"
Yoga Ladies Gold Tone Finish 3pc Set
Sophisticated Frog Couple Shelf Sitters
Driftwood Stallion Sculpture  12"h
The End of the Trail Statue
Wild Stallion Statue   SALE ENDS 6/15/22
Sale price: $21.99
Fierce Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton
Sale price: $1,089.00
Rabbit and Child on Bicycle Figurine
Sale price: $97.00
Galvanized Pig Sculpture
Heartwarming Crane Couple Figurines
Sale price: $328.00
Sleepy Kiwi Bird Tabletop Figurine 5 in.h
Sale price: $35.25