Decorative Statues, Figurines for Home or Office

Decorative Statues,  Figurines for Home or Office

Bronze Atlas Holding Crystal Globe
Bronze Hand Holding Crystal Globe
Lady Justice Ball Holder on Marble  With Ball
Bronze Thinking Man Sculpture
Lady Justice Large Bronzed Statue  39"h.
The Justice Scale  Bronzed Brass
Bullish Market "The Big Fight" Bronzed Metal Sculpture
The Bull Bronze Sculpture on Wood Base
Chrome Plated Brass Bull Sculpture
Charging Bull and Bear Bronzed Metal Sculpure on Burlwood Base
Knock-Out Bull Statue Bronze
Bronzed Bullhead Sculpture on Marble Base  FREE SHIPPING
Ocean Explorers  Mermaid and Turtles Brass Sculpture  FREE SHIPPIING
Dozen Swimming Dolphins Sculpture
Marlin and Sailfish Sculpture on Marble Base  FREE SHIPPING
Marlin and Sailfish Brass Sculpture   FREE SHIPPING
Single Dolphin Solid Brass Figurine
Shallow Water Fighter Redfish Brass and Marble Sculpture  FREE  SHIPPING
Shark with Prey Sculpture    FREE SHIPPING
Brass Jellyfish Pair on  Marble Base
Sea Otter Sweeties
Sale price: $280.00
Largemouth Bass on Marble Base  FREE SHIPPING
Contemporary Duck Pair Brass  FREE SHIPPING
Sale price: $178.00
Brass Tang Horse on Wooden  Base
Patriotic Eagle with Flags Statue   FREE SHIPPING
Soaring Eagle Statue    FREE SHIPPING
Lucky Elephant Figurine (Small)
Brass Elephant Sculpture on Wood Base
Octopus with Treasure Sculpture  FREE SHIPPING
Deep-Sea Delight Octopus Brass Sculpture
Art Glass Teardrop Sculpture
Art Glass Figurine  Sail Boat  12.6in H
Yoga Figurine  Meditative Prayer  Sandstone 8.7"h
Yoga Figurine Full Lotus  Sandstone 8.7"h
Yoga Goddess in Seated Pose  Resin Figurine  Small  8"
Yoga Goddess in Seated Pose  Resin Figurine Large  12"
Buddha Head Figurine    FREE SHIPPING
Sale price: $27.99
Serene Buddha Statue
Sophisticated Frog Couple Shelf Sitters
Joyous Elephant Statue
Textured White  Elephant Figurine
Driftwood Stallion Sculpture  12"h
Mother and Foal Horse Statue
Elephant and Calf Affectionate Moment Figurines
Towering Giraffe Herd