Well-in-Hand New Mama Tush Soothing Bath 2lb

Well-in-Hand New Mama Tush Soothing Bath 2lb
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Product Description

An ancient Cherokee formula, this bath is designed to promote the renewal of delicate tissue during pregnancy, after delivery--anytime you wish to sooth the entire pelvic region. Endorsed by midwives as a time-honored blend.

FOLKLORE: eases postpartum pain and bleeding, relaxes nerves, tightens cervix, draws toxins, repairs the tear, coagulates, and soothes skid marks. Astringent. Antiseptic.


Certified Vegan.

Animals play no role in the development, production, or testing of any of these products. Well-in-Hand does not use Dead Sea Salts so as to not contribute to the shrinking of the Dead Sea.

Made in America


Sea salt, Uva ursi, Sage, Comfrey root, Ginger, Myrrh, Golden seal, Garlic, Alkanet herb, Chamomile, Shepherd's purse, Golden seal leaf, pure essential oils, olive oil.


No brewing necessary. Into a warm bath, pour 1/2 cup of New Mama and soak 20 minutes daily.

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