Tombow Dual Brush 96-Color Pen Set

Tombow  Dual Brush   96-Color Pen Set
Item# A-56149

Product Description

Blendable colors, two tips in one pen flexible nylon fiber brush tip and fine point hard nylon tip. Both tips are fed from the same ink reservoir ensuring exact color match. Water-based, odorless inks are acid-free and AP non-toxic.

Set contains pens in 96 colors in a desk stand: Yellow Gold, Dark Ochre, Process Yellow, Pale Yellow, Green Ochre, Avocado, Dark Olive, Willow Green, Asparagus, Gray Green, Sap Green, Hunter Green, Green, Sea Blue, Turquoise, Sky Blue, Peacock Blue, Mist Purple, Ultramarine, Periwinkle, Violet, Purple Sage, Imperial Purple, Purple, Orchid, Dark Plum, Pink Rose, Rhodamine Red, Blush, Wine Red, Crimson, Flesh, Chinese Red, Brown, Warm Red, Red, Pale Cherry, Scarlet, Chocolate, Saddle Brown, Light Ochre, Sand, Black, Cool Gray 10, Cool Gray 7, Cool Gray 5, Cool Gray 1, Colorless Blend, Peach, Light Orange, Baby Yellow, Light Olive, Chartreuse, Dark Jade, Light Green, Mint, Dark Green, Holly Green, Sea Green, Process Blue, Cyan, Glacier Blue, Reflex Blue, Light Blue, true Blue, Navy Blue, Cobalt Blue, Deep Blue, Lilac, Royal Purple, Deep Magenta, Pink, Hot Pink, Rubine Red, Port Red, Carnation, Baby Pink, Cherry, Persimmon, Carmine, Coral, Redwood, Orange, Tan, Gold Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Chrome Yellow, Light Sand, Chrome Orange, Lamp Black, Cool Gray 12, Warm Gray 5, Cool Gray 6, Cool Gray 3, Warm Gray 2, Warm Gray 1.

Colors subject to change.