PROVON Foaming Hair & Body Wash with Moisturizers

PROVON  Foaming Hair & Body Wash with Moisturizers
Item# GOJ-5187-03

Product Description

Specially designed foaming formulas, enriched with vitamins and moisturizers, provide an amazingly gentle cleansing experience along with a fresh, clean scent. Push dispensers, with viewing window for easy maintenance, offer a generous portion of soft, gentle foam. Air is infused into the soap as it is dispensed, resulting in a rich, creamy lather.High-quality, luxurious foaming shampoo and body wash. Pre-lathered for gentle, total body cleansing. Quicker and easier to use than liquid shampoo. Provides a pleasant bathing experience. Green with a cucumber melon scent. 1250-ml refill. 3 refills per case.