POLY SCRUB Heavy-Duty Hand Cleaner 3.8lb tub/6cs

POLY SCRUB  Heavy-Duty Hand Cleaner  3.8lb tub/6cs
Item# ITW-13104

Product Description

Industrial-strength, heavy-duty hand cleaner uses the power of dirt-busting poly 'scrubbers' to provide a thorough clean. Removes heavy dirt and soils, fighting through grease, oil, tar, paint, varnish and ink. Soothing emollients and moisturizers leave hands soft and smooth. Eliminates foul fuel and oil scents on hands to leave behind a pleasant lemon-lime scent. Combats fuel, oil, lubricant and other odors leaving hands clean and smelling lemon-lime fresh. Fortified with soothing emollients, Poly Scrub sooths and moisturizes hard working hands.

Use to remove: Grease, oil, ink, adhesives, hydraulic fluid, carbon, glues, cement, asphalt, tar and odors!

3.8 lb tub. 6 tubs per case, sold by the case.