MoMo Panache Condi Glass Dishes Pair 5"square

MoMo Panache Condi Glass Dishes  Pair   5"square
$22.00, 6/$63.00

Product Description

The easy stylish look of MoMo Panache’s Condi Aqua set of 2 glass dishes add flair to any table setting any time. Formal affair or casual gathering; these 5” square glass dishes add “panache” to any setting. The Condi Collection is designed exclusively for MoMo Panache by Australian artist Helen James.

Each square glass dish is enhanced with silver foil paint on the underside to heighten its color and add to the plate’s luster.

Condi dishes are not only great for hors d’ oeuvres but are magnificent when used with pillar candles too. Watch the colors on the plates glisten as the candlelight reflects off the plate’s surface.

Gift boxed in a white box with bright color dots, add a bow and you have a great gift to go!

• Length: 5” • Width: 5” • Hand painted • Food Safe • Gift boxed