MiN ProEnzyme Trio AntiAging Facial Scrub

MiN  ProEnzyme Trio AntiAging Facial Scrub

Product Description

MiN ProEnzyme Trio AntiAging Facial Scrub. A refreshing and unique facial scrub with spherical beads for light exfoliation. Multi-mineral copper, zinc + manganese polypeptide transdermally energize the skin at the cellular level. Gentle enough for daily use. Key benefits include: anti-aging, restores skin vitality, anti-acne, regenerates cells, and fights wrinkles. Enzyme enriched with OligoElements Copper, Zinc, and Manganese - the polypeptides. This breakthrough mineral complex promotes cellular metabolism by stimulating Pyruvate production, ATP synthesis, and DNA and proteins synthesis in the energy cascade in skin cells. The Result: Skin vitality and improved complexion/tone for a more radiant, youthful skin. Increase cell renewal.

SIZE: 3.4 oz