e-cloth® Chemical Free Cleansing Cloths Home Cleaning Set (8 Cloths)

e-cloth® Chemical Free Cleansing Cloths Home Cleaning Set (8 Cloths)
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Product Description

e-cloth® Chemical Free Cleansing Cloths Home Cleaning Set (8 Cloths)
What e-cloths clean:
  • Kitchen Cloth-with no-scratch scrubbing pocket is for all general cleaning. Ideal for removing thick grease, grime, dirt and over 99% bacteria on all kitchen surfaces, such as countertops, granite, wood, tile, appliances, sinks, splash guards, cabinets and walls. Use the scrubbing pocket for removing stuck on grease, grime, food and dirt. Use no-scratch scrubbing pocket on non-stick surfaces without damaging no-stick coatings.
  • Stainless Steel Cloth-Cleans brushed and polished stainless steel, removing grease, grime, dirt and over 99% bacteria. Works great cleaning stainless steel oven doors and stovetops, refrigerators, microwaves, sinks, dishwashers, small appliances, kettles, waste baskets and splash guards. Also great on chrome appliances.
  • Range & Stovetop Cloth-Removes tough grease, grime, spillovers and droppings from in and around burners, stovetops and other stove surfaces, and over 99% bacteria. Works great on ceramic. stainless steel, metal, glass and cast iron. Works excellent cleaning up inside microwave ovens.
  • Bathroom Cloth-Extra thick and absorbent, removes excess water, greasy grime, soap scum and over 99% bacteroa from bathroom surfaces includiing bathtubs, shower doors and walls, basins, sinks faucets, tiles and countertops.
  • Window Cloth-Removes dirt, grime, and smears from windows, doors, frames, sills, glass, plastic, vinyl and wood. Windows are left streak free, lint free, and with no film.
  • Glass & Polishing Cloth-cleans ight grease, grime and dirt from windows, mirrors stainless steel, glass, granite, marble, plastic, dhrome and all shiny surfaces. Used as a drying and polishing cloth after most e-cloths.
  • Dusting Cloth-Has a natural positive charge that attracts dust and allergens. Super soft fiber lift and trap dust and allergens from any hard surface such as tables, shelves, furniture, mantels, desks, woodwork, chairs, from any hard materials such as wood, glass, plastic, ceramic and metal.

    TIP: Use the Glass & Polishing Cloth dry after use of each cloth (not the Dusting Cloth) for the perfect finish.

    Includes eight (8) cloths to clean the entire house • One 12.5"x12.5" Kitchen Cloth with Scrubbing Pocket • Two (2) 16" x 20" Glass & Polishing Cloths • One (1) Bathroom Cloth • One (1) Window Cloth • One (1) Dusting Cloth • One (1) Stainless Steel Cloth • One (1) Range and Stovetop Cloth

    e-cloths really deliver healthy cleaning and give a fantastic chemical free - bacteria free clean using just water. If you take care of them they will last for years. e-cloths work so well that you will get a lint-free, smear-free clean with just water.

    80% polyester/20% polyamide.

    Made in Korea