Candle Lanterns For Pillar, Votive, Tealights

These lanterns are all suitable for votive or tealight style candles. BUT not all can hold a pillar type candle (depending upong the size of the pillar candle), please note the size of the lantern to match to the right sized candle you want to use.

Colorful Railroad Style Candle LanternsHanging Railroad Lantern Pair Baby Blue
Parrot on Perch Lantern   FREE SHIPPING
Moroccan Design Amber Glass Candle Lantern  19"h  FREE SHIPPING
Moroccan Candle Holder Lantern Amber  10-3/4"
White Moroccan Lantern  12.5"h
Enchanted Rainbow Moroccan Style Candle Holder Lantern  10-1/2"h  FREE SHIPPING
White Moroccan Lantern Large  15"h  FREE SHIPPING
Candle Lantern Moroccan Tower  13"h
Candle Lantern Moroccan Birdcage Design  13.75"h
Moroccan Style Birdcage Candle Lantern   12-1/2"h
Moroccan Style Lantern Blue Glass Tea Light or Votive 8-1/4"h
Moroccan Style Lantern Yellow Glass  10"h
Yellow Moroccan Lantern  10.5"h
$9.99, 6/$50.10
Magic Rainbow Candle Lantern  10-1/4"h
Clear Glass Moroccan Lantern  10.25"h
Copper Moroccan Candle Lamp  9.5"h
Moroccan Style Votive Candle Lantern White
Moroccan Tabletop Lantern  13"h
Sapphire Nights Hanging Lantern  13"h
Rainbow Moroccan Candle Lantern with Stand 13"h
Moroccan Style Petite Candle Lantern  10.25"h
$9.50, 6/$45.00
Moroccan Style Lantern Blue Glass Tea Light or Votive 8-1/4"h
Moroccan Lantern Green Glass
Moroccan Style Lantern Yellow Glass  10"h
Red Glass Moroccan Candle Lantern 10-1/4"h
Moroccan Style Candle Lantern  11-1/2"h
Colonial Candle Lamp Bronze Finish
Clear Glass or Red Glass Star Lantern
White Tealight Lantern with Stand
Scrollwork Candle Lantern White 10.75"h
$9.50, 6/$48.00
Medallion Candle Lantern
Small Victorian Candle Lantern
Medium Victorian Candle Lantern
Small Ivory Color Glass Lantern
$5.75, 6/$30.00
Pedestal Lantern  Azure Glass
Contemporary Candle Holder  12"h  Rustic Silver or Bronze Finish
Contemporary Pillar Candle Lantern Matte-Black Finish  12"h
$20.95, 2/$35.00
Graceful Garden Lantern  12"h
Candle Lantern Silvertone Scrollwork
Lighthouse Candle Lantern
Carriage Style Candle Holder
Candle Lantern Midnight Garden  9-3/4"h
Colonial Candle Lamp  White Finish
Stagecoach Candle Lantern  Black Metal  8"h
Large Ivory Color Glass Lantern  8"h
$9.95, 6/$46.80
Cutwork Garden Lantern Mini 7.25"h
Candle Lantern Daisy Gazebo  9.5" h
White Lattice Candle Lantern  12"h
Hudson Candle Lantern 12"h
Candle Lantern Antique White Wood
Sale price: $16.50, 8/$108.00
Circlet Candle Lantern
Sale price: $17.95
Belfort White Metal Candle Lantern  12"h
Watch Tower Candle Lantern  9"h
Sale price: $10.99
Carriage House Lantern Small  9.5"h
Carriage House Lantern Large 11.75" h
Hartford Candle Lantern Small    12-3/4"h
$19.95, 4/$64.00
Hartford  Candle Lantern  Large   19" h
Sylvan Tall Candle Lantern  17"h   FREE SHIPPING
Extra Tall Black Contemporary Candle Lantern 25"h  FREE SHIPPING
Blue Jar Candle Lantern  15"h with handle
Wooden Candle Lantern with Drawer  Large  27-1/2" h
$44.00, 2/$80.00
Moroccan Hanging Star Lantern
Monticello Candle Lantern Large 20-1/4"  h
Peregrine Candle Lantern  14.1"h
Fisherman Net Large Candle Lantern  9.5"h
Sale price: $26.88, 2/$44.60
Candle Lantern Woven Rattan Small  10.8"h
Sale price: $18.25, 3/$45.00
Hanging Railroad Lanterns Pair Pink
LED Flickering Light Lantern
$12.50, 4/$40.00
Watchtower Wood Candle Lantern  21"h
Rose Gold Wooden Lantern Large  20.5"h
Soho Candle Lantern 15"h
Copper Lantern Small  13" h.